Goldschmidt conference, Prague, August 16-21 2015

Sarthou, G, Lherminier, P. and the GEOVIDE team : 2015, GEOVIDE: An international GEOTRACES study in the North Atlantic and Labrador Sea

Nolwenn Lemaitre, H. Planquette, F. Dehairs, L. Monin, L. André, S. Jacquet, and F. Planchon : Mesopelagic carbon remineralization from particulate excess Ba along the GEOVIDE transect in the North Atlantic (GEOTRACES GA01)

E. LE ROY, D. FONSECA-BATISTA, A. ROUKAERTS, F. FRIPIAT, F. DEMAN and F. DEHAIRS : Isotopic Composition of Nitrate from the Temperate and Sub-Polar North Atlantic