Kick-off pre-cruise (6,7 February 2014)

Thursday 6 February


9h30-10h00: Géraldine Sarthou: General presentation on the cruise and the meeting

10h00-10h20: Herlé Mercier: Overview of Ovide results

10h20-10h40: Pascale Lherminier: CTD, hydrographic fronts, real time sampling adjustment

10h40-11h00: Coffee/Tea break

11h00-11h20: Fiz Fernandez Perez: Carbonic measurements and sampling

11h20-11h40: Nadine Tisnérat-Laborde : 14C

11h40-12h00: François Lacan : Fe isotopes, dissolved and particulate

12h00-12h20: Fabien Quéroué/Géraldine Sarthou: Dissolved trace metals

12h20-12h40: Christian Schlosser: Dissolved Al, Ag, Heme

12h40-14h00 : Lunch break in the IUEM hall

14h00-14h20: Lars-Eric Heimbürger: GEOVIDE mercury species and isotope exploration in the NA

14h20-14h40: Virginie Racapé/Gilles Reverdin : 13C of inorganic carbon for anthropic carbon studies as well as photosynthesis/remineralisation. Isotopologues of sea water for studying the sources of freshwater in the subpolar gyre.

14h40-15h00: Hélène Planquette: Particulate trace metals

15h00-15h20: Frédéric Planchon: Export/reminéralisation

15h20-15h40: Pere Masque: Other export proxies, 7Be, and artificial radionuclides

15h40-16h00: VUB group: Production, d15N/ d18O of nitrate

16h00-16h30: Coffee/Tea break

16h30-16h50: Gideon Henderson: U-series tracers of present and past ocean circulation and dust input

16h50-17h10: Catherine Jeandel: REE, Nd and Ra isotopes


Friday 7 February

9h30-9h50: Catherine Schmechtig: Data Base

9h50-10h10: Géraldine Sarthou: Public outreaches

10h10-10h30: Coffe/Tea Break

10h30-12h00: Jean-Xavier Castrec/Remy Balcon Logistics

12h00-14h00: Lunch break at the University restaurant

14h00-17h00: Discussions about the organization of the cruise: on board operation (deployment of normal and clean rosettes, in-situ pumps, floats, XBT, …), water budget of Niskin and Go-Flo bottles, sampling order, LADCP, altimeters, underway measurements, cables on the PP?…